Lydia Bean


Assistant Principal
   Natasha Simmons
   William Davis  


Principal's Secretary
    Jimell Powell

CTE Office
    Linda Teague

    Stacie Hanson

Attendance Clerk
    Jeanette Koehn  

    Janetta Brewster

Career Tech Coordinator
   William Davis

Academic Counselors
    Jennifer Herrington
    Cameron Cammack  
At-Risk Counselor
    Rodney Herrington        
   Jami Durham

   Shonda Brown

Parent Liaison
    Jeff Hicks
    Janetta Brewster


Top News

Congratulations to the Academic UIL Team

2nd place in District

Headline Writing - 1st place - Allan Pulliam

Headline Writing - 3rd place - Gracie Roth

Copy Editing - 4th place - Mattie Hamilton

Copy Editing - 5th place - Armani Flemons

Copy Editing - 6th place - Emily Wilkinson

Current Issues and Events - 3rd place - James Pulliam

Current Issues and Events - 6th place - Christian Kraus

Current Issues and Events Team - 2nd place -

James Pulliam, Christian Kraus, Krystal Kraus, and Ericka Gonzalez

Ready Writing - 3rd place - Gracie Roth

Ready Writing - 6th place - Mattie Hamilton

Mathematics - 4th place - Ricardo Pantajo

Mathematics - 5th place - Caleb Sullivan

Mathematics Team - 2nd place

Ricardo Pantoja, Caleb Sullivan, Danny Chen, and Isaac Santana

Social Studies - 3rd place - Krystal Kraus

Social Studies Team - 2nd place

Krystal Kraus, Shelby Jones, Allan Pulliam, and Emily Wilkinson

Science (Biology) - 1st place - Allan Pulliam

Science (Biology) - 1st place - Byron Gill

Science (Physics) - 1st place - Andrew Smith

Science Team - 2nd place

Andrew Smith, Allan Pulliam, Will Monroe, Byron Gill, Ricardo Pantoja, and Danny Chen

Science - 3rd place - Andrew Smith

Science - 4th place - Allan Pulliam

Science - 5th place - Will Monroe

Science - 6th place - Byron Gill

Spelling and Vocabulary - 6th place - Mattie Hamilton

Spelling and Vocabulary Team - 2nd place

Mattie Hamilton, Isaac Santana, and Emily Wilkinson

Number Sense - 4th place - Ricardo Pantoja

Poetry - 4th place - Elizabeth Escalante

Prose - 3rd place - Danielle Miller

Prose - 4th place - Kendall Simmons

Calculator - 3rd place - Caleb Sullivan

Calculator - 4th place - Ricardo Pantoja

Calculator Team - 2nd place

Caleb Sullivan, Isaac Santana, and Ricardo Pantoja

Literary Criticism - 5th place - Kendall Simmons

2016-2017 Information
2017-2018 Cheer Try-outs

Student of the Week

The student of the week at Jasper High School is senior Sakina Whitley. Sakina is a member of the Jasper High School varsity basketball team and the track team. Small forward and forward are the two positions Sakina plays on the basketball team and she runs the open 100 meter, 4x100 meter relay, 4x200 meter relay, and the long jump in track. She is also a member of Meet in the Middle. Sakina was nominated by both Jennifer Herrington and Janetta Brewster. They say, “Sakina comes in our office everyday as an office aid, checking first to see if there is work to be done and if we need anything from her. She always has a beautiful smile, sweet spirit, and respect, not only for us, but her peers. She is a good student academically and an athlete. She represents JHS well.” Sakina is the daughter of NaTasha and Kenndrich Land.


What's Happening at JHS





Athlete of the Week

Jasper High School is proud to honor senior Breidon Johnson as the athlete of the week. Breidon is a member of the Jasper High School golf team and plays first base on the varsity baseball team. He is also a member of the National Honor Society, Bulldogs for Christ, and Family Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Breidon is the son of Pamela Johnson.

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